Our CIC was set up to allow people to live and work alongside nature.

Begin By Starting

Our aim is to find a balance, a positive change of direction for land use in Devon, a way to create opportunities for people and nature.

We want to allow people to live and work alongside nature. There is the potential to bring many things together at a single site – homes, training, livelihoods, growing food, agriculture, renewable heat and power, and habitat regeneration.

Our core aim is not profit or personal gain. As a CIC we are not-for-profit and assets, like land, are not owned by Directors and would pass on to another CIC or charity in the unlikely event of a project folding. Because we are limited by guarantee there are no shareholders, and we have upper wage limits, and wage ratios built into our constitution.

What do we aim to do?

Each site will lend itself to different things, some of these are….

Habitat Regeneration

A chance for you to support and get involved in landscape regeneration, even if you don’t have land yourself.

Actually-affordable homes

A chance to stay living (and working) where you have strong connections – too often in Devon people cannot afford to stay where they grew up.

Local Livelihoods

Providing on-site workshops and office spaces supports a strong local economy and reduce the need for transport. We will also provide training opportunities to help local people increase their skills as each site is developed.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture provides local, sustainable food, boosting the economy, and improving health in a way that harms nature les

Not for Profit

We want to work with local communities, not extract a profit from them. A maximum salary ratio of 1:4 and a maximum wage are part of our constitution.

Renewable heat and power

BBS homes will be powered and heated renewably. Where possible this will be generated on-site.

Begin by Starting CIC works in partnership with Re-Set CIC

Re-Set CIC is a group of professionals with expertise in regenerative agriculture, permaculture and forestry, ecological building, forming communities, communication and outreach, finance, renewable heat & power, housing, and planning.

Re-Set stands for Regenerative Settlements and provides the higher-level framework inside of which Begin By Starting will work.

Re-Set CIC supports projects across the UK by providing a framework and approach to existing or new community groups, estates, landowners and local authorities.

Begin By Starting will directly deliver Re-Set projects in Devon and the South West.

Begin By Starting

When people live on land it doesn’t have to make things worse.

Do get in touch if you’re a landowner wanting to give something back to your local area, if you’re interested in living in a low impact environment, or just to ask a question.