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Water Vole

Gara Water Vole Project

The Gara River Water Vole Reintroduction Project is ambitious and doable. It connects landowners along the river Gara from Blackawton to Slapton, all focused on a single collaborative aim.

Heat Surveys

Thermal image surveys of homes means that you can clearly see where heat losses are happening, and then, crucially, do something about it. This helps to reduce heat loss, cut bills (& CO2), and is an ideal complimentary service to retrofit projects at whatever scale, and to improve new build.

Thermal image of house
Gardening for Wildlife booklet cover

Gardening for Wildlife

The pictures and content are all local and made by members of The Habitat Group. The gardening for wildlife booklet has now been distributed across 6 whole parishes in Devon, with more to follow.  

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